Because people make the difference.

An extraordinary Guest and Customer experience, strived for financial figures as well as quality goals can now become reality, if the potential of the people within the company can be successfully utilised. At the same time we see Human Resource Management as a cycle made up of essential core tasks bound within the resources of people. We will assist and support you through all segments of this HR cycle.

HR Cycle


Based on the conos gmbh developed HR Check-up all the processes of your HR Management can be evaluated. This Check-up can unearth any previously undiscovered potential and identify concrete fields of action to help optimise your HR work.


So that a mission can be noticeably felt and also be operationally secure both in good and bad times, it needs genuine common values. Therefore we integrate the people who should experience it into the whole process of it's production and together with you and your Staff help in realising completing your Mission.

Organisational Development

Dynamic Markets thrive on Companies which can quickly adapt to the ever changing framework of conditions. We support you and your organisation for it to further develop at the cutting edge of time – should it be for example during the process of structuring and operations, the coordination and fine tuning of interfaces and resources or in the framework of restructuring.

Search for new Employees

Professional searching for Employees means for us far more than just putting faces on organisational charts – it´s much more a case of bringing people together. We take over the search for Professionally specialised and Executive Personnel and support you in finding the right personalities who will ideally complete your team.

Employee Involvement

Staff loyalty is dependent on many factors – one course of action is the involvement of your employees. We produce and assist in applying the appropriate measures – from the creation and execution of an Employee Survey, the subsequent definition of new measures and their realisation, right up to the production and moderation of Idea management Procedures to include the involvement of your employees.

Employee Development

The continuous further education of the professional and personal competence of your Team based on Training and Coaching will have considerable influence on the further growth of your Business as a whole. We produce the appropriate offers – individual and tailor made, from Training Days, Training on the job right up to Further education Academies for your Company.

Leadership/Management Development

How people are led, will have an essential effect on Employee Satisfaction and the general success of the business. Leadership has to to be learned though. Therefore we accompany and support your (future) Executives within the framework of specifically arranged Seminars, Workshops and additional Individual and Team Coaching – so that everything works out, not just in Theory but in the everyday run of things.

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