Infrastructure or Leisure Facility – we provide the right impulse and potentially successful ideas.

Alongside Organisations, Co-operations and Leisure Facilities we also offer advice in this area in the so-called “Multi-Unit Catering Businesses” which, amongst others in Urban Regions include Cable car Companies, Spas, Shopping Malls or “Diverse-use-Property”. Along with the continuous consulting as part of the process of producing tailor made strategy concepts as well as continual support in quality improvement and implementation, there are additional services within our areas of responsibility.

Included in these additional Services:

  • Status Quo Analysis – conceptually, qualitatively and economically
  • On-site MYGY as well as MYGA Call & Mail
  • Feasibilty Studies and Further Development Projects
  • Producing Leisure Tourism Positioning and Adjustment Strategies incl. holistic Offer and Product improvement.
  • Producing infrastructural measures and projects
  • Organisation Strategies and Concepts (Build-up, Procedural organisation, Tasks and division of labour.
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Marketing & Communication as a meeting point and Sparring Partner to various Agencies
  • Catering Master Planning
  • Structured Tenancy search for catering businesses
  • Annual Reports for strategic priorities and further development
  • Offering ERFA (Experience for Everyone) Incl. Specialist Excursions and further development measures

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