We would like to introduce our conos consultants:


Mag. Arnold Oberacher

A thinker and master of strategy. Vastly experienced. Objective. Structured. „Alpine enthusiast“.


Martina Plonner

Conos HR expert. She brings her Human Resource Management to the fore. Empathic. Can adapt to change. Enthusiastic.


Mag. Dr. Martin Schumacher, MET

Passionate strategist. Is at home with Science and all things practical. One of the leading experts in the Alpine region within the Hotel Industry and all financial matters. 360° radar. Focused. Result orientated.


Christina Bamberger

At the heart of conos and likes to be now and then „annoying“ but sympathetic. Straight. Honest. Dedicated.


Matthias Gillhofer, MSc

The conos „sniper“. Insists on pinpoint analysis from the background. Charming. Enjoyable expert.


Jennifer Grogl

The conos conceptualist and operation expert. Apart from that, as a consultant she keeps things in perspective. Solid. Eloquent. Pragmatic.


Cornelia Hofbauer

The life and soul of conos. Our organisational wonder is your first contact person and a saviour in any situation. Precise. Welcoming. Motivational.


Andreas Kittl, BA

His passion is the smooth processing of all our projects. The Hotel industry is his strength. Analytical. Goal Orientated. Trouble-Shooter.


Mira Kylander

Her emphasis lies within Project and Team assistance. Point of call for all forms of questions. Happy go lucky. Always willing to help.


Mag. Astrid Lefenda, MBA

Back office girl in HR but with front desk qualities. Network thinking. Solution orientated. Diplomatic.


Marcus Linford, MA MITHM

Master of high quality and top service. Simply immense and not just because he stands 2,01m tall! Ambitous. Innovative. Convincing.


Anna Manzenreiter

The organisational talent with front desk experience, students' willingness to learn and immense anticipation on new challenges. Curious. Enthusiastic. Organised.


Mag. Annemarie Oberacher

The expert in your search for new Employees. A long time in the branch, vastly experienced, infallible instinct for the best appointments across all industries. Eloquent. Solution orientated.



Iris Payer, BA

Full of vigor in the middle of the tourism management studies and your contact person for assistance of all forms. Structured. Targeted. Honest.


Eva Radocha, MA

Human Resource Management is her thing – in it´s whole diversity. At the same time she brings people together who belong to each other. Eloquent. Enquiring. Critical.


Angelika Rafetzeder, BA

The flexible communicator with multifaceted experiences inland and abroad. Cosmopolitan. Innovative. Balanced.


Katrin Schindl, BA

Innovative Waldviertler. …for your company. Persistent. Interested. Profound.


Nadine Simon

Her heart beats for the mountains. Swiss tourism expert with humor and creativity. Proactive. Inspiring. Communicative.


Mag. (FH) Manuela Wiesinger

The numbers girl amongst the conos Staff. At the same time plans for the future. Thorough. Forming. With a twinkle in her eye!



Always hungry for adventure and always likes to be involved. Heartbraking. Energetic. Alert.


Project management


Michaela Dattinger, MA

“Deeds speak louder than words” Her hands on approach brings projects to life! Authentic. Emphatic. Unconventional.


Christian Grünbart, MMBA MSc

When the going gets tough, the he gets going. Prepared to step in to the run of the mill everyday Hotel operations and put things in order again. Motivational. Enthusiastic. Keeps his wits about him.


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